People's Gas of Lowbrow County

Welcome to People’s Gas of Lowbrow County

Natural Gas is a gas that occurs in nature.  In its natural state, natural gas has no odor.  It’s invisible, odorless and, tasteless - but it’s still flammable.  Gas companies add an odorant to the natural gas so that it can be detected if is leaking.  Once the odorant is added, it ceases to be natural gas, because the odorant is a man-made substance and not natural at all.  Therefore, natural gas that natural gas companies sell to its customers is actually unnatural gas.  We still call it natural gas, because people probably won’t want to buy something called unnatural gas.  So this is just about a company that doesn’t exist that sells a product that doesn’t exist. No big deal.

Construction of our new headquarters facility had some minor setbacks. Work had to be halted temporarily to find some of the workers.


So, you can still find us at our current headquarters (below), which has been renovated to accommodate our increased personnel staff.