Lowbrow County

About Lowbrow

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Lowbrow: of, relating to, or suitable for a person with little taste or intellectual interest

Urban Dictionary

    Low-brow: Something tasteless or intellectually inferior that is  devoid of any intelligence - usually in pop culture. Lacking in  refinement and good taste. Often but not always appealing to the  absolute lowest common denominator

Learner’s Dictionary

    Lowbrow: relating to or intended for people who are not interested in serious art, literature, ideas, etc.

There is a pattern to the above definitions for “Lowbrow”.  And if you picked up on it, you will realize that obviously, some place named Lowbrow County is a fictional place and it’s gas utility company, People’s Gas of Lowbrow County, is just a fictional company that is not to be taken seriously.  The cartoons that tell it’s story are not based on real incidents nor do they contain actual conversations that ever took place - at least as far as the author knows.  This is a book containing 100 cartoons that are considered to be the best of a person who has spent a career within a gas utility company.  They are an illustration of what happens when a volatile, flammable and relatively inexpensive substance is provided to an imaginary public that doesn’t have the slightest clue as to its properties or know much about it.  It’s a hypotheical parallel universe, if you will, of the real world, only without a real company, or real company employees, or a real public.  It’s all just an excercise in showing what whacky misadventures can happen in a cartoon world that could never happen in the real world, given the above definitions.